About Me

My background has been focused exclusively on finance and investing from the start. This gives my clients confidence that I understand their writing needs and the messaging they need to deliver.

Informed writing

backed by industry experience

Trained in New York at top-tier financial institutions

  • Citigroup
  • Chase
  • UBS Securities
  • CS First Boston

MBA in finance and marketing from a top-tier school

  • NYU Stern School of Business
  • Undergraduate degree in economics from Bucknell University

Direct experience in

  • Mutual fund and ETF marketing
  • Alternative investments
  • Buy- and sell-side equity research
  • Corporate finance
  • Fixed income origination

FINRA licenses achieved

  • Series 6 – Mutual funds & variable annuities
  • Series 7 – General securities
  • Series 63 – Blue Sky laws


Freelance Writing for the Financial Services Industry

Bobbie’s career has included tenures in investment banking, buy- and sell-side equity research, and marketing management for some of the industry’s most prominent firms.

Her skills as a freelance writer and knowledge of the field have won her numerous clients including J.P. Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Janus Henderson, and Citigroup. From insightful blogs about market trends to compelling content about timeless investment strategies, Bobbie offers a depth of financial understanding few writers can rival.

Prior to becoming a freelance writer, Bobbie was a senior marketing manager with Citigroup. In this role, she was selected to manage multi-million-dollar marketing campaigns for the firm’s first Section 529 college savings plans. In addition to project management responsibilities, Bobbie wrote the copy for a range of marketing materials targeted to advisors and their clients.

Before joining Citigroup, Bobbie was a corporate finance associate with the Chase Manhattan Bank in both New York City and London. In this role, she participated on deal teams within the firm’s asset backed securities and multinationals groups. Prior to that, Bobbie was a marketing manager for Chase’s capital markets trading business and, separately, an assistant vice president in Chase’s corporate communications department. Before joining Chase, she held communications and equity research roles at UBS Securities and Credit Suisse First Boston.

Bobbie received a B.A. in economics from Bucknell University in 1988, and an MBA in finance and marketing from the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at NYU in 1996. Early in her career, she passed examinations for her Series 7, 6 and 63 securities licenses. Bobbie has been a member of the Financial Communications Society and the International Association of Business Communicators.


What do you provide?
I provide words only, not design work. For printed pieces, I also provide layout suggestions as the writing should flow from that. I can refer you to a terrific design team with whom I have a longstanding relationship, if needed.
How does your pricing work?
I typically price my services by the project so my clients know exactly what they’ll be paying. This way, if I choose to spend more time on the writing than originally anticipated, my clients benefit from that extra work without seeing their charges increase. I can also provide an hourly rate for clients who prefer that.
Do you use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your writing process?

AI can be a terrific research tool, but at this point, writing produced by AI tends to sound written-by-committee and can make erroneous statements and even plagiarize. I use AI, along with my own research, as a way to flesh-out a topic to make sure I’m covering all relevant points. I also use it to gain a sense for what the consensus thinking might be on a given subject.

The writing I provide is always original and never written by AI. Rather, it flows from my years of experience in finance and investing, as well as my understanding of my client’s specific goals and their positioning within the competitive landscape.

To sum up AI’s limitations, Ian Bremmer’s GZERO Media explains, “Large language models are stylistic mimics, not sources of truth. They are far better for generating text that sounds right than text that is right.” So for the time being, human writers should remain very much in demand.

Why should we choose you?

One thing I’ve heard often is how difficult it is to find a writer who truly understands the financial topic at hand. When my clients work with writers who don’t “get it,” it can take a lot of time, frustration and money to make things right.

My goal with each project is to take the worry off your plate. My clients count on getting first drafts that are on-target every time—an advantage that frees them to focus on other things.

Does it snow a lot in Denver?

While much of my life was spent living in NYC and the northeast, my family moved to Denver in 2006 in order to strike a more optimal work-life balance and to be able to more easily enjoy the great outdoors.

It actually does not snow in Denver as much as most people think. We get about 300 sunny days a year and—fingers crossed—about 160 inches of snow in the mountains for skiing each winter.


My goal is always to become a valued, trusted resource to the clients I serve.

I consider myself fortunate to have worked with the following firms as a freelance writer:

AMG Funds
Bear Stearns
Cantor Fitzgerald
Dividend Capital
eMoney Advisor
Fidelity Investments
Forge Global
Goldman Sachs
Institutional Investor Magazine
Janus Henderson Investors
J.P. Morgan Chase
Northern Trust

My Story

Ever since an aptitude test in high school told me I’d make a great secretary, I have been driven to prove what I saw as an exceedingly narrow view of my potential wrong. Work hard, take smart risks and shoot for the stars became my personal mantra.

On graduating from Bucknell with an economics degree, I survived humble beginnings as a shareholder representative for a mid-sized mutual fund company in Boston. My drive to get ahead fueled me through GMATs and business school at NYU — which I absolutely loved — and propelled me into the corporate finance training program of the Chase Manhattan Bank (now J.P. Morgan Chase) — the jackpot for any MBA grad with a focus on finance.

After an intense three months of training, I headed off to London to join Chase’s multinationals division for six months. After that, I participated on deal teams for the asset-backed securities group in New York, and later helped Chase’s private bank with its own loan securitization program.

Throughout my whirlwind, heady journey onto center stage at one of our country’s largest economic centers, I kept coming back to the thought that what I really loved to do was to write. I wrote every chance I could.

My love of writing eventually led me to a marketing role, this time with Citigroup. As a marketing manager there, I learned about brochure writing from seasoned marketing execs, worked closely with legal and compliance teams to find the optimal balance between strong messaging and FINRA boundaries, and developed a portfolio of writing samples that would help me greatly when I launched out on my own in June of 2001.

Since then, there has been no turning back. I love freelance writing for the financial industry and wouldn’t trade it. I have been able to write about fascinating topics over the years, and new ones are always coming up. I love the intellectual challenge of a new learning curve. My clients love that I actually understand financial concepts at hand, down to the nuts and bolts. Having been in their shoes as a marketing manager, I also understand what keeps them up at night and how my writing can help make their work lives easier.

After years of striving to prove my high school aptitude test wrong, I have found my way to a win-win situation with my clients that is deeply satisfying. And satisfaction, I have found, is a far better motivator than wounded pride.